Pan-Asia intersex gathering in Taipei


Delegates at the ILGA Asia meeting

On 25 and 26 October, a pan-Asia meeting of intersex activists will take place in Taipei, Taiwan. The event, organised by Hiker Chiu of Oii-Chinese and a delegate to the first and second International Intersex Forums, will gather eight intersex persons: Tony Lau (China), Small Luk (Beyond the Boundary – Knowing and Concerns Intersex founder, Hong Kong) , Sheilla (Indonesia), Esan Regmi (Nepal), Nada Chaiyajit (Thailand), Jonalyn Royalista Villar Bulado-Magpakailanman (OII Intersex Philippines Inc. founder, Philippines), Anis Aktar(Disability & Intersex activist, UK Asia founder). Hiker comments:

The purpose of organizing this workshop is to empower intersex people from Asia and add visibility and raise intersex awareness in Asia and to create a platform for intersex in Asia to speak for and to be heard by their own voices. It means to make a contribution to the LGBT groups to understand more about intersex and to be good allies in the future work.

And a statement from the event:

We are intersex of Asia origins, gathering in Taipei and celebrating together our first Intersex Awareness Day. Oct 25-26 is our first gathering of intersex in Asia for ILGA Intersex preconference. Asia is the biggest and most diverse continent in the world. Discriminations, ignorant and human rights violations on intersex also happen around Asia. We are honored and expecting to learn the differences, diversities and confrontations of being intersex in Asia in this gathering from each other and raise intersex awareness around the world. Intersex do really exist and also in Asia. Intersex people are human beings too, we welcome you to learn more about intersex human rights issues and raise intersex awareness with your families and friends. If you are in ILGA ASIA conference, welcome to listen to our voices from intersex Asia.

ILGA Asia conference, Taiwan

OII Chinese 國際陰陽人組織-中文版(Taiwan)
Beyond the Boundary – Knowing and Concerns Intersex 藩籬以外-認識和關愛雙性人 (Hong Kong)
OII InterSex Philippines Inc.
Interseks Türkiye


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