InterACT series on “What Intersex Awareness Day means to me”

Rebecca Baughman Kerns

What Intersex Awareness Day Means to Me – Rebecca

InterACT (formerly AIC) are running a series on “What Intersex Awareness Day means to me…”

In the first post, Rebecca Baughman Kerns reflects on the meaning of the day, and her first trailblazer:

I was nine years old when I asked my mother to verify that I would never have a period — just like Aunt Kacki. I pointed out passages of “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret,” and asked repeatedly if that would happen to me. We had never spoken about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome… But I knew already that I was not going to follow the normal path.

I realized that I would be following my own trailblazer, I would be just like Aunt Kacki.

Read the full article by Rebecca Baughman Kerns.

In the second post, Emily Quinn talks about hope, change and acceptance:

Intersex people spend much of our lives in a negative loop. Sometime it’s a loop told to us by doctors. Sometimes it’s friends. Or family. Or school. Or society as a whole. Sometimes, it’s a negative loop we keep telling ourselves. Whatever it is, this negativity sets us back from living happy, healthy, and empowered lives as intersex people. It keeps us from appreciating our bodies, from loving ourselves, from accepting the diversities that we were born into.

It’s time to break that loop.

Read the full article by Emily Quinn.

InterACT is also sharing a set of images for Intersex Awareness Day, based on the UN Free & Equal campaign fact sheet on intersex: