Abraham and Dimakatso’s journey

Iranti-org in South Africa share this video, the story of Abraham and Dimakatso Sebidi, for Intersex Solidarity Day.

Intersex Solidarity Day is internationally observed to highlight issues faced by intersex people. In honor of the day, Abraham and Dimakatso Sebidi share with us their journeys from Dimakatso’s birth until now – from spending her formative years in hospital and interactions with the medical sector, to stigma at church and their visions for the future. We urge all states to act with urgency in crafting solutions to the continued human rights violations against intersex people, and to engage meaningfully with intersex voices in all decision-making processes concerning them. #StopIGM #iad2016


26 October: Iranti.org interview intersex activists and the South African government representative who acknowledged harmful practices on intersex children to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.