European Commission shares statement, interview with Pol Naidenov

The European Commission has shared an interview with Pol, an intersex advocate in Bulgaria.

Monika is an advocate of diversity in all its forms. When she met her partner Pol, he was not yet open about that fact that he is an intersex person. Together now, they are committed to raising awareness about intersex equality, the misunderstandings surrounding the condition and prejudices in society that relate to Intersex.

Watch on the European Commission website

The Commission also published a statement “EU for LGBTI equality: Commission marks Intersex Awareness Day”:

The personal story shared in this video is just one out of many. It raises awareness of what it means to be intersex from the moment of birth and throughout life. It describes the kind of issues intersex people face on a daily basis. A supportive social environment is crucial in the fight against discrimination. Greater acceptance and social inclusion of intersex people – and those belonging to other sexual or gender minorities – can be an inspiring and educational experience. After all, diversity is what makes life rich.

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EU (also one of the) biggest funder(s) of Intersex Genital Mutilation