Launch of “What we wish our doctors knew”


InterACT launched a brochure on “What we wish our doctors knew”, 2012

AIC (now InterACT) launched a brochure on “What we wish our doctors knew” for Intersex Awareness Day 2012, written by the youth leadership development program, Inter/Act.

Now, for the first time, young people born with intersex conditions have a platform. This program helps them to speak directly to their doctors about how they experience treatment. Inter/Act allows young people a safe place to voice the complicated emotions of that come with an intersex condition. They can express their concerns, encouragement, fear, hope and anger – something those protesters in Boston were unable to do.

For these reasons alone What We Wish Our Doctors Knew is revolutionary. AIC and Inter/Act believe this document will serve to advance the dialogue between young people, parents, medical providers and activists, and we’re sharing it with you.

The leaflet

Read more at the Bilerico Project: “A (No Longer) Quiet Revolution: Intersex Awareness Day” by Jim Bruce.

* Please note that the “DSD” acronym, used in the leaflet, is controversial as it can’t be distinguished from “Disorders of Sex Development”.