Love Letters

Small Luk of BBKCI Beyond the Boundary – Knowing and Concerns Intersex (藩籬以外-認識及關愛雙性⼈) launches Love Letters today:

Today is Intersex Awareness Day, it is a good day to know intersex peoples present on the world, and give support and love to intersex people and their families.
Yes, here is the chance you can join us to contribute the love words to them.
“Love Words” is a project to give the support to the families whom have the intersex children. If a family got a Intersex baby, they get much stress, they may not have enough information, they may face so many discrimination, they may make the wrong decision to the intersex baby. So, they need your support, they need your encourage, they need you say some love words to them. And, Intersex peoples live around the world, so we ask the support from all language, we need you, we need you speak in your mother language to give support.

Come to join us please!

Watch the videos in multiple languages.

The videos are still being gathered, from multiple regions of the world.

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