Intersexionality: NYC event on Intersex Awareness Day


Intersexionality. Photo: event organisers.

Claudia Astorino and musician Dalea Rundblad spoke at Bluestockings Bookstore on October 22, 2014, followed by an event at New York University on October 24.
Claudia, Aleksander and Dalea

Claudia, Aleksander and Dalea at Bluestockings.

Followed by a Q&A session, the events focused on:

  • intersex identity and experience intersects with race, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity,
  • how these intersections affect how intersex people are conceptualized, medically “treated,” and (not) protected via legislation at different levels in societies, and
  • what we can all do right now to create an intersex-inclusive societies.

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