Discussion on “(in)justice and intersex”, and a secret breakfast, in Salzburg

Intersex Awareness Day
HOSI Salzburg, Verein Intergeschlechtlicher Menschen Österreich (VIMÖ), Gendup, Frauenbüro, Runder Tisch for Meschenrechte, Selbstbewusst and Plattform Intersex are organising a discussion and movie night with Alex Jürgen and Eva Matt on 25 October, entitled (In)justice and Intersex in Austria, and showing the film Herma XXY Intersex, by Melanie Peletier.

Date and time: Tuesday 25 October at 18.00 – 20.30.
Location: Pegasus Zimmer, Schloss Mirabell, Salzburg

It will be followed by a get-together from 21.00 with Plattform Intersex at the offices of HOSI Salzburg, Gabelsbergerstraße 26, Salzburg.

This will be followed by a VIMÖ “Secret Breakfast” for intersex people only, on 26 October. For details, email info@vimoe.at

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(Un)Recht und Intergeschlecht in Österreich