Statement by Ellie Nordfelt, Intersex Scandinavia

Ellie Nordfelt of Intersex Scandinavia has issued a call for solidarity.

Ellie Nordfelt

Ellie Nordfelt. Photo: Caique Silverio

Stop forced medical interventions on intersex children
Today is Intersex awareness day.

We stand together against unnecessary and harmful medical practices. For Intersex rights.

Intersex; we who are born with bodies that are considered not typically male or female.

People with intersex traits are subjected to forced medical interventions from early ages, so called “normalizing” surgeries/hormonal treatments. Share this post to show your solidarity with the intersex community and to show that you support intersex rights, as the right to informed consent before medical interventions.

Intersex scandinavia
Photos: Caique Silverio

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