Teen Vogue on dialogue between advocates and clinicians

Teen Vogue
Teen Vogue reports on a dialogue between advocate Pidgeon Pagonis and clinical psychologist David Sandberg. David Sandberg claims there is no evidence to stop nonconsensual, irreversible, medically unnecessary surgeries on infants and children with intersex variations.

The variation of how doctors treat intersex babies is “worrisome,” Sandberg told Teen Vogue, but he added that one thing is certain.

“What everyone seems to agree on is that psychosocial care is an integral part of the model of care. Sadly, as in many other areas of healthcare, the psychosocial piece is inadequately represented,” Sandberg wrote. “One of the champions of the intersex advocacy movement, Bo Laurent, identified early on in the movement that ‘shame and secrecy’ can drive decision-making in ways that ultimately result in harm to the patient and the family. She also strongly advocated for the essential role of mental health in the team model of care. These emotional reactions are understandable, but should not be the driving force for any medical decision for a young child.”

Pidgeon Pagonis stated in response to continued nonconsensual surgeries:

“Our bodies might be a little more complicated than most, but we aren’t any more ‘difficult to treat’ — start with dignity, respect, informed consent, and take it from there,” Pidgeon wrote. “But Sandberg and his friends are completely illogical. For over 20 years they’ve hidden behind the ‘need for more data’ excuse, and yet they continue to promote and do surgeries while failing to produce said data. Since when does medicine need data to STOP doing super invasive and medically unnecessary surgery on people?”

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