Zwischen­geschlecht: A genealogy of intersex genital mutilation

Non-violent protest, Copenhagen, 2018

Photo: non-violent intersex protest #4 with delivery of Open Letter at 6th I-D$D conference, Copenhagen University, 20 June 2017

cover of report
For Intersex Awareness Day, Zwischengeschlecht celebrate some impressive achievements, and have published an educational genealogy of intersex genital mutilation.

On Intersex Awareness Day 2017, Zwischengeschlecht celebrate:

  • 10 years of /
  • 25+ UN Reprimands for Intersex Genital Mutilations
  • 125+ Nonviolent Intersex Protests
  • 250+ Media Appearances to Raise Awareness

Congratulations, Zwischengeschlecht! The organisation has also shared an educational genealogy:

John Money & Co. – the myth of the individual perpetrator

In order to underpin their >>> physician’s fairy tale propaganda , in today’s children’s clinics surgical (intersex-) genital mutilations have long passed, today’s forcible surgeons and consorts regularly seek the name of a deceased scapegoat deceased in 2006…

Read about the history and achievements of Zwischengeschlecht
Read the genealogy in German
Google translation into English