AJWS, Astraea and GATE: critical funding gap

The State of Intersex Organizing
AJWS, Astraea and GATE have published two reports today, one on the state of intersex organising, and one on the state of trans organising. Both reports are available for download, with summary reports in Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and a full report in English.

The reports conclude that, despite exponential growth in LGBTI funding in recent years, intersex and trans groups are deeply under-resourced and continue to be neglected by international funders.

In a press statement, Astraea comment: “the funding gap for trans and intersex groups is an outrage that has real-world impact on people’s lives”.

In looking at the data on intersex organising, the summary and report state:

  • 54 intersex groups participated in the survey.
  • Intersex groups are notably self-led.
  • From the perspective of intersex groups, funders appear uninterested in supporting their work and often give feedback that their work does not align with donor priorities.
  • Almost half of intersex groups receive no external funding.
  • Globally, more than three-quarters of intersex groups had 2016 budgets of less than US $10,000.
  • Fewer than 1 in 5 intersex groups have full-time paid staff. Even those with paid staff struggle to provide a living wage. For example, 21.1% of organisations with budgets less than $20,000 have “any paid staff”.
  • Roughly three-quarters report needing support in healing from trauma and preventing burnout.

Download the reports, and read the press release