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OII Australia statement

OII Australia has published a statement for Intersex Awareness Day, highlighting positive developments, and a journey yet to travel.

Wellington, NZ, 2017

Wellington, NZ: talk by Mani Mitchell

On Friday 27 October, Mani Mitchell of Intersex Awareness New Zealand will give a talk at Wellington City libraries entitled “Dealing with Difference”.

UTS 2017

Sydney, Australia: lunchtime talk at UTS

On Intersex Awareness Day, UTS will be hosting a free and public lunchtime talk by Morgan Carpenter of OII Australia/Intersex Day: “progress or prevarication”.

Brisbane, Australia: AISSGA film and music

Intersexy films, talks and music at a fundraising event on 26 October for the AIS Support Group Australia, including a screening of ‘Orchids: My Intersex Adventure’, and music.