Peaceful protest outside Zurich Cantonal Parliament

Stop IGM

2013 protest outside Zurich University Children’s Hospital featured on Al Jazeera. / are organizing a peaceful protest outside the Zurich Cantonal Parliament in Switzerland on Intersex Awareness Day 2015. The protest will recall the 1996 demonstration in Boston, but also the first Swiss parliamentary action on intersex and intersex genital mutilation practices, in Zurich in 2009.

Zwischengeschlecht note the contribution of the previous parliamentary action to a study on Shaping parents (2013), illustrating how medicalized counselling leads to parents giving poorly-informed consent to mutilating treatments on their intersex children that they often later regret.

[D]uring the 26 October 2015 session of the Zurich Cantonal Parliament, / will hold a peaceful vigil outside from 07:30–15:00h, to commemorate the victims of IGM practices, and to ensure that the parliament can no longer conveniently ignore its historical and ongoing responsibilities resulting from the past and current practice at its University Children’s Hopsital run by the Canton of Zurich. See you where the action is!

Date and time: 26 October 2015, 07:30 to 15:00.

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Nuremberg court case and demonstration

The Intersex Awareness Day protest will be preceded by a protest in Nuremberg, outside a second hearing at the Nuremberg Court in the case of Michaela “Micha” Raab vs. her former surgeon and his University Clinic. Zwischengeschlecht comment:

Micha Raab is only the third survivor of IGM practices worldwide to succeed in suing her mutilator, and the first in Germany to succeed in suing also the University Clinic facilitating the deed; and her case is only the fourth IGM case reaching a court at all (together with Christiane Völling in Cologne winning 200,000 Euros damages in 2007-2009, the still ongoing #justice4MC case in the U.S., and another ongoing case in Munich, where the claimant so far asked for the proceedings not to be made public)

Date: 22 October 2015.

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