The 14 Days of Intersex (Australia)

Star Observer: 14 days of intersex

Gina Wilson in the Star Observer: 14 days of intersex

Gina Wilson, president of OII Australia in 2011, marked “14 days of Intersex” between Intersex Awareness Day and Intersex Day of Remembrance in an article for the Star Observer:

On October 26 1996 the American activist group Hermaphrodites With Attitude (HWA) teamed up with the trans activist group Trans Menace to protest against non-consensual cosmetic infant genital surgeries at the American Association of Paediatrics conference at the Hynes Centre in Boston, Massachusetts.

The protest happened in an environment where there was a high degree of certainty that infant surgeries were taking place in nearby hospitals on the day, or close to the day, of protest…

The Intersex Day of Remembrance (IDR) pays tribute to our intersex elders, past and present, on whose shoulders we stand and without whom we could never have made the advances in intersex human rights that we have made to date.

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