From awareness to solidarity, statement by API-Identidade

API Identidade

This is my body

Portuguese organisation API-Identidade has released a statement calling for a shift from awareness to solidarity:

October 26, sometimes also called the Intersex Awareness Day, was the first known demonstration for the rights of intersex people, which took place in 1996… protesters’ claims in 1996 differ little from the motives that led Abel Barbin (still frequently cited by the record name he rejected) to commit suicide: lack of recognition and systematic violations of his basic rights. Firstly, the right to the body, commonly mutilated at birth whenever the appearance of the genitalia of intersex babies does not meet the expectations of normative female or male genitalia, as well as compulsory treatments and those without informed consent in many intersex people, young and old (including surgeries, medication or other treatments).

To this priority struggle, there are several other difficulties in the lives of the intersex people, who remain without legal existence in most countries of the world – including Portugal. This results in different forms and levels of discrimination, that are felt in the health area, but also in education and access to education, work and access to employment, the need for social protection or any areas of life.

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