Astraea launches third Intersex Human Rights Fund grant cycle


Iranti-Org are using funds from Astraea to revive Intersex South Africa.

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice has launched the third grant cycle of the Intersex Human Rights Fund.

This Intersex Awareness Day we are proud to announce our third and largest cycle of grants for the Intersex Human Rights Fund, after receiving the largest number of eligible new intersex-led applicants to date.

The Fund’s third round of grantmaking totals nearly $300,000 USD in grants to 37 intersex-led groups in 28 countries. This year, it was exciting to see new intersex-led groups being formed and more proposals coming from the under-represented regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many of the organizations are younger groups that represent the emerging international intersex movement. While the oldest group was founded in 1985, half of the intersex-led groups who applied to the Fund were founded in the last five years.

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