Brisbane, Australia: AISSGA film and music

AISSGA fundraiser
Intersexy films, talks and music at a fundraising event for the AIS Support Group Australia, including a screening of the award-winning movie Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, and music from DJDiALUp, Poppolyps, SunPorc and a special guest.

On Intersex Awareness Day (26 October) join us for intersexy film, talks and music at our fundraising event for the AISSGA!

The AIS Support Group Australia is a peer-led support, information and advocacy group for people with AIS, other intersex variations, and their families.

Our amazing intersex support is provided by volunteers and with no core funding, we run the ship on an oily rag. We are raising money to fund our the first ever intersex support conference in Aotearoa in November! Please give generously so that intersex folks can continue to have spaces that understand and accept them just as they are.

Here’s the program:

6:00 Doors open
6:30 Screening – Orchids: My Intersex Adventure
7:30 Q&A with the filmmakers Phoebe Hart & Bonnie Hart
8:00 DJDiALUp
8:30 SunPorc
9:00 Special Guest
9:30 Poppolyps

Date and time: Thursday, October 26 at 6 PM – 10 PM

Location: East Brisbane Bowls Club, 38 Lytton Road, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4169

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