Gathering in Brisbane, Australia

Awesome not invisible

Awesome not invisible!

The Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia is holding a get-together in Brisbane on the evening of Intersex Awareness Day, from 6pm.

For location details please contact Bonnie Hart at

In an interview with the Star Observer for Intersex Awareness Day, Bonnie said:

“If parents have never had contact with intersex people it can be quite a shock for them to be the parent of someone who’s visibly different, and if the doctors present the child in a pathologising context the parents might not have anything else to go on.

“But that ends up erasing intersex visibility and perpetuates the cycle of stigma that ensures people remain uneducated about the intersex community.”

Intersex happens

Intersex happens, medical pathologisation doesn’t have to

Read Bonnie’s interview with the Star Observer

Phoebe and Bonnie Hart also recently participated in an interview for LGBTI History Month, details on Facebook.

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