Brújula Intersexual: What does intersex mean for you?

Brújula Intersexual

Brújula Intersexual (Intersex Compass)

For Intersex Awareness Day, Brújula Intersexual (Intersex Compass) ask “what does intersex mean for you?

“Being intersex is a wonderful thing, it is to have a different world view, to feel so different, yet so similar to others, you feel unique and special. Being intersex is a proud, joyous occasion. If I born again and I have the opportunity to choose what I want to be, I would choose again be intersex.” “Free!”, Intersex person (Mexico)

“I want to send a big hello to all intersex people, today we celebrate our day because we must never be ashamed of who we are. Our bodies are an expression of diversity; learn to be happy and remember that nature loves us, that’s why nature created us differently, there is nothing wrong with us. Greetings and great hugs to all.” Ale, intersex person (Chile)

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