Letter presented to Bachelet government, Chile

Photo: Camilo Godoy Peña.

“No Intersex Genital Mutilation.” Photo: Camilo Godoy Peña.

Camilo Godoy Peña presented a letter to Chilean president Michelle Bachelet on Intersex Awareness Day. Camilo says:

During the last year I’ve been working so hard on the creation of an Intersex Health Protocol based on the highest standards of human rights for the Ministry of Health, which I presented officially to the Chilean Minister of Health on 24th June. At the same time, we held so many official meetings with the Chilean Childhood Council because this governing body was creating a bill to adapt Chilean legislation to the Convention on the Rights of the Child… Working with Andrés Rivera we urged the necessity of adding a specific category of protection for intersex children and we got it!

In fact, our last CRC recommendations are the most explicit intersex recommendations on intersex issues in the history of the Committee and the UN.

This letter is very symbolic. I was basically saying… Mrs President, we’ve working hard and now we need your help.

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