interACT for Intersex Awareness Day

US advocacy organisation interACT has conducted a range of actions for Intersex Awareness Day, including publication of resources, a joint statement, stories and interviews.

The interACT web page for Intersex Awareness Day includes a joint statement signed by more than 40 organisations, along with resources including videos, handouts, and celebrations of intersex youth.

The handouts include guides to making Gender and Sexualities Alliances intersex-friendly, “what we wish our friends knew”, and “what it’s like to be intersex”.

Joint statement

Read the joint statement

Axel Otto Keating and Arisleyda Dilone took part for interACT Youth in a live session with HuffPost Queer Voices for Intersex Awareness Day:

Axel also appears in a new campaign by Logo TV’s Global Ally campaign:

Emily Quinn wrote an opinion piece in The Salt Lake Tribune:

When I talk about what it means to be intersex, I mostly tell stories. I tell my own story — I was born with internal testes and what doctors refer to as androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) — and I tell the stories of other intersex people who have been physically and psychologically harmed by outdated, binary ideas about sex and gender.

interACT helped to secure a statement by the U.S Department of State in recognition of Intersex Awareness Day:

On Intersex Awareness Day, we are reminded that all people everywhere are created equal and should be a orded equal dignity and respect, regardless of sex characteristics. We look forward to continued cooperation with civil society, like-minded governments, and others to advance the human rights of intersex persons.

Kimberly Zieselman wrote a blog post for the Human Rights Campaign:

interACT’s fight for bodily autonomy and acceptance is a continuing battle. More intersex people around the world, especially intersex youth, are breaking through the isolation and shame and speaking out proudly about their bodies and experiences.

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