Interface Project on IAD 2014

Interface Project: "So what have we done?"

Photo: Interface Project

Jim Ambrose of The Interface Project posted an article on “So, It’s Intersex Awareness Day and What Have We Done?”. The article combines historical analysis with a discussion of recent events.

26 October is widely recognized as Intersex Awareness Day (IAD). When the Intersex Society of North America partnered with Transexual Menace to picket the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference in Boston (U.S.) on October 26, 1996 it marked the first public demonstration by intersex people in North America. What was the protest about? We’ll begin at the beginning.

The recent events highlighted include the Third International Intersex Forum, the landmark M.C. case filed by AIC with the Southern Poverty Law Centre in South Carolina, the work of OII Australia, and AIC’s Inter/Act project.

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