Intersexioni opens intersex and LGBTQ Deaf centre

Intersexioni have announced the opening of the first Italian info-welcoming point for intersex and LGBTQ deaf people.

The first Italian info-welcoming point for intersex and LGBTQ* deaf people is born.

The center seeks to be a first-contact, information, support and hospitality space in a safe environment for people with congenital variations of sex development, and for transgender people, gender variant people, non-binary people as well as for relatives and friends.

The center is also open to whoever wants to get informed and engaged in the protection, support and promotion of the rights and of QUILTBAG* people.

The center will operate primarily through the telematic channel with live online phone calls, but since physical presence can be of crucial importance, the center offers person-to-person meetings as well.

This new info-welcoming point builds on the already existing intersex and trans*, gender non-conforming and non-binary people’s centers, and it is the strongly hoped result of a process of connections building among different realities and of intersectionality, a process that intersexioni has sought to pursue since its inception.

The partnership with the deaf community began in 2014 and materialized as a visible public event in the first academic lecture about intersexuality in the history of the Gallaudet University, held by Michela Balocchi on November 5th, 2015 in Washington DC and titled “Intersex Human Rights and International Developments”. The lecture also includes some videos of The Interface Project.

On October 7th 2017, together with Alice Troise, we held a divulgation meeting about intersex rights for the LGBT deaf group in Milan. Christian Mori was also present, he is a young man with XXY chromosomes and new activist for intersex people’s rights. He is co-founder of the Intersex group (Gruppo Intersessualità) – Arcigay Milano.

Hello everybody. My name is Christian. I am 24 years old. I am neither female nor male; I am intersex and I am happy to be intersex. It is my pleasure to inform you that in Florence the Intersexioni group has a reception center for LGBTQ and intersex deaf people! Goodbye everybody

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