Manifesto: Jurists against genital mutilation of intersex people

Jurists against genital mutilation of intersex people
On the occasion of Intersex Awareness Day, several jurists have issued a manifesto against intersex genital mutilation. The manifesto was issued by Daniel J. García, professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Granada, Spain, and has been signed by several Spanish jurists and a jurist from Argentina.

…the undersigned, jurists and specialists in Law, report the mutilations of the surgeries of newborn genital normalization, and also any other medical treatment that is purely aesthetical, that intersex people suffer. We understand that we are facing a crime against humanity that is at the same level as genocide. According to the article 7 of the Rome Statute of 1998 that the International Criminal Court created, a crime against humanity consists of “a generalised or systematic attack against civil population and being aware of this attack”.

The Manifesto is available in Spanish and English.

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