Mexico City: “Intersex visibility, problems and opportunities in Mexico”

On November 7, the event “Intersex visibility, problems and opportunities in Mexico” will be held, coordinated by the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED), in the offices of CONAPRED. Participation by Brújula Intersexual, Vivir y Ser Intersex, Adiós Al Futuro, Intersex y Andrógino, and with Dra. Eva Alcántara Zavala (UAM-X), Guadalupe Chávez and Dr. Carlos Narváez Pichardo (PEMEX Hospital). The following topics will be addressed:

  • Introduction to intersex.
  • The situation of intersex people in Mexico.
  • Testimony: “Vagina, my happiness?” Guadalupe Chávez
  • Testimony: How do homophobia and transphobia affect intersex people? Mar Is (Intersex and Androgyne)
  • Comment on the Recommendations Guide for the attention of intersex and variations in sexual differentiation by the Ministry of Health of Mexico.
  • Advances and setbacks in human rights: the case of Chile.
  • The right to decide: the case of Colombia’s progressive consent.
  • Official Mexican Standard 034-SSA2.

In addition, there will be an artistic intervention by the Multimedia Project of Adiós Al Futuro.

The target audiences for this event are members of the medical and legal community of Mexico, as well as CONAPRED staff and executives. The purpose of the event is to reflect and give visibility to the problems and challenges in terms of discrimination and human rights faced by people born with variations of sex characteristics, from a human rights approach, and propose alternatives to raise awareness among social actors key and activate social changes that favor respect for human rights of this part of the population, especially children and adolescents.

Date and time: 7 November from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: Dante 14, Miguel Hidalgo, Anzures, 11590, Ciudad de México