A wish by Hiker Chiu

Hiker's wish
Hiker Chiu of OII-Chinese has published a wish for Intersex Awareness Day, 2016:

您好!我是Free Hugs With Intersex 小鴨,Hiker Chiu讓我代表他航向所有孩子們的浴缸,要讓孩子們很小的時候就能有機會認識陰陽兒,陰陽兒也是人類美麗多樣的一員,也可能會成為你我的好朋友喔!小朋友們!浴缸見囉!

~Hiker Chiu的願望

To: Intersex Awareness Day 20th anniversary
Hello! I am the Free Hugs With Intersex Duck, Hiker Chiu let me on behalf of him/her sailing to all kid’s bathtubs, so that children can have a chance to aware about intersex babies, intersex babies are also beautiful and diverse human being, may become our good friends when we grow up! Kids! See you in the bathtub!

~ Hiker Chiu’s wish