Aleksander Berezkin

Breaking the ice: intersex in Russia

Aleksander Berezkin on how intersex people have shifted from being imperial curiosities to people with disabilities, and on creating new, non-pathologising ways of being intersex.

Intersexy Fat

#IntersexyFat Georgiann Davis writes on the intersectionalities between being intersex and being fat.

Intersex activism in Turkey

Şerife and Belgin talk with Kaos-GL about the situation of intersex people in Turkey, bodily interventions without consent and the influences of these on activism.

Catherine Graffam

Language is vital

The way the intersex community has developed and reappropriated language is a beautiful evolution, says Catherine Graffam.

Morgan Carpenter, by Del LaGrace Volcano

Thinking outside the box

Focusing on what we share in common: boxes and identity, harmful practices, activism and pinkwashing in Australia, by Morgan Carpenter.


UTS 2017

Sydney, Australia: lunchtime talk at UTS

On Intersex Awareness Day, UTS will be hosting a free and public lunchtime talk by Morgan Carpenter of OII Australia/Intersex Day: “progress or prevarication”.

Valencia flyer

Valencia, Spain: “Intersex: an intimate look”

On 28 October, Mi Bebé Intersexual and Yolanda Meleno Puche, a psychologist specialising in intersex, will participate in the October Trans 2017 event with the talk “Intersex: An Intimate Look”.

Brisbane, Australia: AISSGA film and music

Intersexy films, talks and music at a fundraising event on 26 October for the AIS Support Group Australia, including a screening of ‘Orchids: My Intersex Adventure’, and music.


How will you mark Intersex Awareness Day this year? October 26 #iad20

Get involved

What can you do to mark Intersex Awareness Day or Intersex Day of Solidarity, and promote human rights for intersex people?

Third International Intersex Forum

Malta Declaration

The statement of the Third International Intersex Forum, December 2013.



About intersex: Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that don’t meet medical and social norms for female or male bodies.