Mani Mitchell

Statement by Mani Mitchell

Mani Mitchell, executive director of ITANZ, recalls the first gathering of intersex people, in 1996, and calls for celebration.

AISSGA awesome not invisible

Gathering in Brisbane, Australia

The Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia is holding an eventing get-together in Brisbane on the evening of Intersex Awareness Day, from 6pm.

UCLan flyer

Information table, UCLan, England

Anis Akhtar will hold an information table at the University of Central Lancashire Student’s Union in Preston on 26 October from 1-4pm.

Intersex in Varese

Discussion evening in Varese, Italy

Arcigay Varese will hold a discussion on Intersex Awareness Day, where Sabina Zagari will recount what it means to live as an intersex person in Varese.