North America

NYC 2015

NYC: InterSEX 101 at Please, Brooklyn

Claudia Astorino, intersex activist and writer, is speaking at an annual Intersex Awareness Day event at Please in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday 25 October.

Houston City Hall

Illumination of Houston City Hall

The City of Houston, Texas, will mark Intersex Awareness Day by lighting the City Hall in lime green, accompanied by a talk at 7pm on Sunday 25 October.

Interface Project: "So what have we done?"

Interface Project on IAD 2014

Jim Ambrose of The Interface Project posted an article on “So, It’s Intersex Awareness Day and What Have We Done?” It combines historical analysis with a discussion of recent events.

Anne Tamar Mattis

AIC guest post on IAD for GLAAD, 2013

Anne Tamar-Mattis, Executive Director of Advocates for Informed Choice (now InterACT), wrote a guest post at GLAAD, reviewing recent US and international developments.